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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lily and Rowan because I love looking at them...

Lily is almost 3-1/2.

Rowan will be 1 in August.

Grandbabies are life's desert.


  1. Dessert IS spelled with two S's!!!
    YAY FOR ME! I ACTUALLY CAUGHT YOU OF ALL PEOPLE WITH A TYPO. I feel so... gosh, ... I feel so *sniff* I dunno, superior.

    I looked it up and suggest you do the same miss English major.

    Unless that is, if you really feel that grandchildren are comparable to a vast wasteland of the DESERT. That's really your call.

  2. omg!!! wouldja *LOOK* at miss lily all GROWN UP?!?!? and a BIG SISTER now, to boot!!! holy macaroni, time just fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiies by, doesn't it?!!!

    (ps: had to laugh at the comment above...too funny...) :)


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