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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

By way of explanation...and a card

My poor blog has turned into the equivalent of a deserted ghost town and it makes me sad.  

I am alive.  I'm weary, but still here.  I do get an occasional moment here and there to make a birthday card so there's hope.   My scrapbooks?  Let's just be honest....dusty, very dusty.
Not to bore with too many details, but my long tall Texan hubbie has undergone three  hip surgeries in the past 8 months (two replacements and one complication), at-home IV treatments three times a day for six weeks, all while he's still working from home as a consultant (thank heavens).  He's doing very well now and walking without aid.  Well... bit of a wobble.  Picture a 6'1" duck.  Okay, let's call it a swagger.  Purely for macho sake. 

That together with caring for my dear 85 year old mom here at home with the help of hospice angels just about takes every single bit of energy left in this old lady but it's a blessing to have her here with us.  Here's a photo of her at about sixteen.   Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  Love you so! 

Hope to catch up on some of your blogs in coming weeks.  I miss seeing all of your incredible work.  xoxoxo

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